Empty Nest Tips

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Moving out away from home to go to college not only causes homesickness for the college student, but in away the parents become homesick too. Missing how their house used to be, feeling like something is missing and literally missing their child like crazy while they are far away at school. Don't worry parents! We've got you covered. Here are some tips of how to deal with empty nest syndrome (it's definitely a real thing!):

  1. Get some rest - you raised a kid(s) that's smart and mature enough to be at college. You deserve a rest!
  2. Join a new social club - take some time to explore your interests, make new friends, and jazz up your life.
  3. Go to the gym - now's the time to take care of yourself.
  4. Have a routine - make a schedule and stick to it. Having a routine is one of the best ways to keep busy and get things done.
  5. Let you kid(s) know you are thinking of them, but not to much! - call, email, Skype, Facebook, and send them a care package (of course!).

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