UNCC Alumni Perks Program

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Pieces of There is a perfect homesick cure gift for a parent to give their out-of-state college student who wants a piece of home while far away at school. This is why The University of Alabama, The University of Chicago and others are currently telling their student's parents about Pieces of There and our local product care packages.

Recently, we also started to work with alumni associations such as UNC Charlotte's Perks Program to reach alumni members because:

  • Many people move away after college, and we are an easy way for a member to have (or send to a loved one) a piece of their favorite place while far away.
  • Many alumni have college kids of their own and can now send our packages to their child as a piece of home while they are away at school.

If you manage an alumni association benefits program get in touch with us by contacting sales@piecesofthere.com.  

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