4 Awesome hotels to Visit if you can

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While traveling the world and getting to know local products from other cultures, you have to make sure to crash in style! There are so many awesome and unusual hotels across the globe. Here are a few you should consider visiting. 

1. Kakslauttanen Artic Resort in Finland- Get a one of a kind view of the Northern Lights from their glass igloo accomdations seen below.

2. Jules' Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida - Spend a night or two under the sea and go on unforgettable family adventures. Sleep under the water in their submerged guest rooms at the only underwater hotel.

3. Dog Bark Park Inn in Cottonwood, Idaho - Ever wandered what it was like sleeping inside a giant wooden dog? Well wonder no more. Dog Bark Park Inn is a completely dog themed hotel with all the cute and non of the hair.

4. Adrere Ammellal in Siwa Oasis, Egypt - Although it's a trek through ever changing sand dunes to get to this hotel, the one of a kind experience of staying in this hotel and it's glorious view of the salt lake next to it are worth it. Spend the night in a building made from salt rock and mud. Check out the salt lake at sunset!


These are just a few of thousands of unique and creative hotels. Next time you decide to travel think about staying someplace that is more than just a resting area but an experience all together.

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