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We were recently featured in Real Estate Client Gift and are thrilled to be helping real estate agents have an option to give a warm "welcome to your new home" gift to their clients! 

Relocation Housewarming Gifts – Welcome Your Clients to their New State!

Calling all relocation experts!  Welcome your clients to their new state with a location specific housewarming gift.  We recently discovered PiecesofThere™, an online marketplace for local products. Their mission is to keep people connected to their favorite place while far away. has the reverse thought process.  We think it would be nice to welcome your clients to their new home state with a gift of local flavors. We take more of an immersion philosophy rather than nostalgic wallowing approach. Having said that, we would welcome your input.  Leave us a comment telling us whether you think it is better for a realtor to send relocation housewarming gifts reminiscent of the place from which their client came or better to give a closing gift that welcomes them with their new hometown style.

Here are just a few of the many, many moving gifts featured on PiecesofThere™. You can click on each featured product to go directly to that product’s page.  Additionally, below the featured images you will find links to more products from that state.  If you are looking for states not specifically featured below just click on the Choose a Place button.

 Texas Housewarming Gift, Relocation Housewarming Gifts   Pennsylvania_Housewarming_Gift
   Tennessee_Housewarming_Gift  St Louis Housewarming Gift, Relocation Housewarming Gifts
 New_England_Housewarming_Gift   Iowa_Housewarming_Gift
  New_Orleans_Housewarming_Gift   Wisconsin_Housewarming_Gift
cali_deluxe_housewarming_gift  NYC Taxi Bag Housewarming Gift, Relocation Housewarming Gifts

A Little Thanks Goes a Long Way!

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  • I never thought that Real Estate agents would give housewarming gifts to their client’s in their new home, but now that you’ve pointed it out it makes perfect sense now, thanks!

    Peter Anderson on

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