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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! After weeks of preparation, the big day has finally arrived. Hopefully, the star of the show is roasting in the oven as we speak, and Santa Claus is making his way down the streets of New York. While technically Thanksgiving falls on its designated Thursday each year, it is not just a day, but a season. Thanksgiving really is a special time to be thankful for caring families, great friends, amazing communities, and all the gifts of life we're blessed to have. It's a holiday that is celebrated all around the world, and while it may sometimes have a different name, the sentiments are the same. It is a time for reflection on the many good things we are lucky enough to have. It's a season of recognizing that others have far less, and it is most of all, a time for being grateful to have the people who help get us through every day.

Everyone has their own special Thanksgiving memories, whether it involves binge-watching football all day or running around the chaotic kitchen, preparing a feast for the people you love. In any case, it’s important to remember what it’s all really about—being able to gather around a table with the people you care about and realizing how lucky you are. Unfortunately, some people may not be able to be home for the holidays this year. Whether they are away at college, stationed in another country in the armed forces, or just not able to make it home for Thanksgiving, you can still send a piece of home their way through PiecesofThere.  We offer specially made care packages and gift boxes that not only make unique gifts, but also show that no matter how far away your loved one is, they are always in your thoughts and heart.  

From all of us at PiecesofThere, we wish you a safe and bountiful Thanksgiving. Bon Appétit!

 The Bears of Chicago Package is perfect for a die-hard fan!

This Brooklyn gift brings a piece of NY to you anywhere!

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