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It seems like the second we close the door on the last trick-or-treater, the holiday season is thrust upon us. It’s almost as if the prep for the season overtakes the actual enjoyment of the holiday. We spend months of shopping, planning, and cleaning only to spend an actual two or three days celebrating. While Christmas may have slipped past you, the New Year offers us an opportunity to make the spirit of the holidays last year round. Life always has room for improvements, which is why resolutions are so popular each year. However, making resolutions can feel like a burden for people. One of the most popular resolutions is to live a happier, healthier life. But we often devise intricate plans to lose weight, coming up with extravagant exercise schedules that we never end up following.  

This year, why not make a resolution that you can actually keep, one that still creates a happier life for you and the ones you love. The holidays may have passed, but that doesn’t mean the celebrating has to come to an end. At PiecesofThere, we offer so many options for you to send a thoughtful gift to your family and friends around the world, spreading some of that love and happiness we feel around the holidays and making it least year round. Homesickness may be slowing spreading in, as friends and family that came in to town for the holidays have since traveled back to their own homes. By sending them a little something, you can stay in touch while helping extend the cheer of the holidays any time of the year. Christmas may have come and gone in a whirlwind of shopping and cooking, but PiecesofThere can help you make this New Year one of your best yet!

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