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At PiecesofThere, we are fascinated by the relationship between our cities and our emotional and mental well-being. How our communities and neighborhoods affect our health and happiness has started to garner people’s attention within the last few years. However, you may be surprised to know, whether it’s a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a full-on move, it may not take huge attractions or theme parks to reach the happiest place in America.  Studies have shown that the design, conditions, and characteristics of a city are associated with the happiness of its residents. Things like easily accessible public transportation, cultural and leisurely amenities, and all-around affordability promote happiness of a city’s population. After a bit of research, we decided to compose a list of some of the “happiest” places to live in the U.S. for you all. Whether you need a break from winter in your hometown, or are seriously considering a life change, listed below are some of the happiest cities we could find. Take a look; they might inspire you to plan a quick getaway!

Nonetheless, if travelling is not on your radar, why not bring some well-deserved happiness right to your own house. At PiecesofThere, we picked out a few of our local products that are found near these “happy” places that can bring the flavor of that town right to you! Who says we can’t make our own lives a bit happier from the comfort of home? So, take a look and embrace the happiness that’s all around us!

Flagstaff, AZ— In Flagstaff, it’s the mountains you notice first. In winter, the peaks are covered with snow; in summer, their aspen stands glow green, and in fall, the trees marble the slopes with gold and orange. The city’s setting  makes it as good as any in the West for outdoor recreation and its robust economy brings amenities like shopping and restaurants.

Charlotte, NC-- There is so much to appreciate about this city: With its awesome entertainment and variety of great restaurant options, it is also a wonderful family town.  Its laid-back pulse makes it a perfect stop for anyone looking for fun and relaxation.

Naples, FL—A town that is much like its Italian namesake, Naples lives up to its international reputation. With plentiful fishing, the temperate climate on the Gulf of Mexico, and a gorgeous view of the Bay, it is a great town to visit or live in.

San Luis Obispo, CA—After receiving Oprah’s stamp of approval, San Luis Obispo caught everyone’s attention! With picture-perfect weather, award-winning wines, and breathtakingly beautiful hiking, there’s something for everyone here in San Luis Obispo!

Baton Rouge, LA—As a very "family oriented" college town that is rapidly growing in size, you can’t beat Baton Rouge for fun and culture. You can catch an exciting game at the LSU stadium, or for a taste of history and culture, see the Neo-Gothic-style Capitol building in the city, which has crenellations, turrets and stained glass much like a medieval cathedral!

If you can’t make it out to these locales, PiecesofThere offers you some cool, local products that bring the essence and happiness of those places to you! 
Grab some of these delectable brownies to bring some Arizona sweetness into your life!

Treat yourself to some Florida luxury with some pampering hand lotion, moisturizer, a body bar, and body wash!

Enjoy the cultural excitement Louisiana offers, with some delicious coffee, beignets, and biscotti!

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