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After months of work - we finally did it! Welcome to Pieces Of There! 

Transport to cool places with care packages of local products! It might be a place you used to live, a place that you travelled to, or just a place that you have always wanted to know more about. Feel closer to it with Pieces Of There!

We hope to keep this blog up as best as we can. However, running a startup and getting the hang of all of this, might mean that some days we just don't find the time to write. We hope that is not the case because we think that we have some pretty fun (and funny) things to post here. As you can image, we have all lived and traveled to many places, and we hope to make this blog a flashback diary of sorts. We plan to share our stories of what it was like to live and travel in places like Colorado, San Francisco, Georgia and much more.

We also hope to share your stories too! Just email us at info@piecesofthere.com. Tell us an interesting story about a place you lived in or traveled to, and perhaps a little about the local products from there that you miss now that you are far away. What is it about those local products that makes the place so special? Cisco beer from Nantucket, Kona coffee from Hawaii...why do we miss these things now that we have left and does it help to have these things now while far away? We think so!

Talk soon friends,

Founder, Pieces Of There

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