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We want to hear from YOU. We think that the best stories about cool places come from real people that have had real experiences. So, tell us yours.

Calling on anyone who has ever moved or has a friend that has ever moved. Transplants, expats, college kids, etc. Send us a short email to that includes:

  1. Your favorite place in the world (yes, the world!)
  2. At least 1 favorite thing (product) from that place that you miss while far away from it
  3. A reason why that place and the thing(s) are so special to you.
To give an example of what these blog posts will look like, here is the first one:


The "favorites" series featuring - Liz from Pieces Of There, Inc. 

Liz's favorite place: Nantucket Island

Liz's favorite thing from that place: Bean Coffee


Nantucket has been a special place to Liz for her entire life. Not only did her grandmother and mother grow up there, she spent every summer walking the cobble stone streets. In her twenties, Liz worked at the local cafe "The Bean" where she met some of her best friends. Every time her mom sends her a bag of Bean beans and she brews up a cup in her Seattle kitchen, Liz instantly feels closer to the island. Having pieces of there is a homesick cure. If you're ever on Nantucket, you better try a cup - it will change your life!

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