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Seasonal Transplants. These are people that move each 6 months. Crazy, you might think. But, there are more people that live this lifestyle than you would think.

While spending a lot of time on Nantucket Island, off of Cape Cod Massachusetts, I meet a lot of these types of people. They come from all of the world, and they live on Nantucket for the summers only. In the "off season" they either travel back to the place they consider to be home, or where they are studying, or they go to a winter season town like Aspen.

They arrive to Nantucket in May and departing in September back to the real world. Once September comes, these seasonal livers are ready to move on. They get the itch. Either to be back in civilization (Nantucket can cause a bit of rock fever) or the itch to travel on. Either way, their summer on Nantucket was filled with hard work, money made and saved, and most of all -  adventure.

I often envy these seasonal living individuals and tribes. Sure, I have lived in 5 difference states within the past 4 years, but I always miss the places that i have spent time in. I don't go back each season…for people like me, homesickness sets in. 

Thanks why I created PiecesofThere. I wanted to provide a homesick cure for those like me. We can't all be seasonal living people, but we get some cool local products that take us back, even for a moment, to those places we miss while far away.



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