How to cure homesickness

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While we try to make people feel closer to their favorite place, or just a place they think is cool, with care packages from cool places. We realize that many of fans might be experiencing homesickness. We asked 250 people what they do, or would do, to make themselves feel better when they are homesick. Here is what we found:

  • 6% said that they cook food of that place when they are homesick.
  • 11% call a friend or family member from the place they miss.
  • 17% look at pictures online of the place they miss.
  • 66% try to, or wish they could, get local products from that place they miss.

We believe that homesickness is a real thing that affects more and more people ever year. After all, current there are about 1 billion people residing someplace different from where they grew up. And that number will only increase!

We are on a mission to help cure homesickness. We believe that having things from your favorite place is the best way to feel more connected to it while far away. So enjoy our site and our products, and please let us know of a place you miss so that we can work on getting that location on Pieces Of There! 

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