Best and Worst Things About Moving

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Our small team of budding entrepreneurs love to travel. Coincidentally, we have moved a collective time of 13 times from one place to another. We asked each other, what is the best part about moving, and what is the worst part about moving? Here is what we concluded:

Worst parts about moving:

  • Selling all your stuff - it's so hard to get rid of items that you have become attached to, but downgrading is necessary because it can be very expensive to move with a lot of items.
  • The costs - Shipping your stuff, traveling to your new location, move in costs to a new all adds up like crazy and we found that moving usually costs anywhere from $5000 - $10,000 depending on how you do it. There are ways to cut costs, and our biggest suggestion is to run the numbers and make sure it is worth it to keep those beloved items you just can't seem to sell. It might be more expensive to move it than replace it!
  • Starting over - Depending on your specific situation and reason for moving, people often have to not only find a new job, but a new home, new neighborhood and new community. This can be emotionally and financially daunting for a person. Our suggestion is to move somewhere where you either already have a job or friends. Starting over completely can be to much sometimes.

Best parts about moving:

  • Starting a new adventure
  • Exploring a new place
  • Starting a new job
  • Creating a new community

What do you think are the best and worst parts about moving? Share by commenting here. As always, if you have recently moved and are missing the place you moved from, you might find some cool local products of that place here on Pieces Of There. Take a look at what places we have care packages of local products from.

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