Do you travel to the same place over and over?

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Are you on of those people that finds themselves going back to the same place over and over again for vacation? Why do we get so stuck on a place? Of the total $600 billion spent on travel in the United States how much was on return visits? We think it's interesting and powerful that certain places have a special pull on people.

The team here at Pieces Of There do both. We travel try to explore new places, but we each have our secret spots that we return to over and over again. For example, our founder Liz can't stay away from Cannon Beach, OR for to long before returning for a surf trip at Oswald West Beach. We heart traveling; the only problem is that there is only so much vacation time each year!

Wherever your favorite place is, feel like you're there while far away with some Pieces Of There!


PS - Let us know what your favorite place is by commenting here!

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