Best Road Trips in the USA

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A couple of weeks ago AARP published a blog titled "9 Thrilling Drives Across America". We thought it was a great piece for anyone looking for best road trips in America.

The first two drives sounded amazing, but they were located in Hawaii and Alaska, which are not realist road trips for most of us to take. However, the remaining drives include hot spots right here in the more attainable 48: 

  • Highway 1 California - It's great. I've done it. You should do it too.
  • Idaho and Montana's Magreder Corridor - I've never done this drive, but I hope to this summer while driving across country from Seattle to Chicago.
  • Moki Dugway Utah - Yes, I've been to the desert and it took my soul! There isn't anything quit like a barren landscape of sand and red clay.
  • Mount washington auto road New Hampshire - I grew up in New England, and trust me, if you do this road trip do it in the summer to avoid NorEsters!
Happy spring and happy road tripping to all you nomads!
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