The Care Package Store Update

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This is a good old status update from the Pieces Of There team:

Hey local product lovers and homesickness cure believers! Everything with starting up this company is going great and right on track. As you might have noticed we made some changes to our website. Check in often to see the new homepage as it develops. Also, with help from our amazing partners, we are working hard everyday to get new local products from cool places on the site. Currently, you can buy local products on Pieces Of There from:

  • Colorado - There is 1 Colorado care package on Pieces Of There now, but many more to come in the form of local products from Boulder and Denver!
  • Chicago - We have so many Chicago care packages now that you'll feel like you're in the windy city wherever you happen to be.
  • Florida - Get back to the beach while far away with one of our unique Florida care packages!
  • California - Currently, our web dev. team is working hard to get our system updated with an age verification feature so that you can have California care packages with wine while far away.
We are having so much fun helping to connect people with their favorite place while far away, and we can't wait to have more local products from cool places available. Once we have enough, and get ready it will be soon, we'll be kicking off a ton of promotions. So stay tuned!



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