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According to MovingGuru, over 37 million people in the USA move each year (per the 2009 Census). We all know that a lot of move around, and often a large number of us move more than once in our lifetime. There are some benefits to moving, and of course there are some disadvantages. I have lived them all personally! A small glimpse of what it is like to be someone who moves around a lot can be seen by reading this post by SmallNoteBook titled "18 signs that you move around a lot". 

Personally, I enjoy moving. It can spark a fresh new page in your life and many adventures. A big move usually means: a cross country drive (yay!), new friends to be made, new professional networks to be explored, and a new landscape to explore. 

The only down side to moving around often, from my personal experience at least, is missing the friends and people that you leave well as missing the local products. We can't help you with the first part, but are on a mission to help transplants feel closer to the places they are homesick for via care packages of local products. So, cure homesickness with some Pieces Of There!

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