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Travelers who write about their travels do so in a way that makes us feel like we are on the adventures with them. There are thousands of people who log their travels and publish their stories for the world. It can be difficult to weed through them all! A few months ago travler and blogger Michael Hodon told us his favorites in the Huffington Post article "Travel Blogs to Watch in 2013". 

Here is some of the travel blogs that Michael recommends to follow:

Young Adventuress is a blog geared toward adventure and slow travel. 

Bridges and Balloons follows a couple who packed up their home and took their careers on the road indefinitely. 

The Polar Route is a travel photography blog geared towards anyone with an interest in seeing more of our world through pictures.

Four Jandals is the blog of an adventurous traveling couple from New Zealand. 

Anywhere But Home is written by a 20-something nomad pursuing her travel dreams on a backpacker's budget. 

Emma's Travel Tales is by Emma, a 22-year-old Scottish girl who somehow has already been on over 10 cruises. 

Jdomb's Travels is the creation of a couple currently in Italy and about to explore all the ins and outs of Europe -- and beyond.

Our Tasty Travels is by a lifelong wanderluster who has been traveling since 2004. What started for him as frequent business travel has turned into an opportunity to live overseas in both the Netherlands and Taiwan for the past five years. 

Flora the Explorer is looking for the weirdnesses in the world. 


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