The College Care Package

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Ahhh, the college care package. I remember being in college and missing home, although I would never admit that to my parents. I found myself thinking of home while in bed at night, getting dressed, brushing my teeth, and even while eating in the dinning hall with friends. I loved college and my life there, but once the excitement of a new year wore off I would start to missed familiarity. It happens to the best of us. 

Since a lot of people across the country just started their college new year, and the missing for home period is about to kick any day now, we thought it would be a good precautionary time to give some helpful tips on how to reduce homesickness. Here are things that have worked for the Pieces of There team:

  • Fill your day with social activities
  • Pick up a new hobby
  • Work out 
  • Redecorate your space
  • Start dating (or date more!)
  • Write a letter to the one you miss
  • Talk to friends living in the place you miss
  • Look up pictures of the place you miss
  • And...our favorite of course, send yourself or a loved one some local products from home - like, right here on through our store ;)

We hope these tips helped someone out there miss home a little less!

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  • America has a lot of international students. It would be interesting to see a Pieces of There package with products from, for example, Pakistan, Australia, Nigeria, or Korea. It would also be an interesting way for parents to help their far-away children bond with their roommates— there is no more accessible way to introduce someone to a foreign culture than by sharing food, comic books, et cetera.

    A Finnish package could include salmiakki, turkish peppers, smoked salmon, rye bread, Donald Duck comics, and so on. :-)

    I’m a foreign student in an international programme in Finland, so if you’d like to explore the idea, drop me an email. I can ask students what kinds of things they miss from home.

    Linza on

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