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We ask ourselves this question over and over. After searching online, and asking many people, we have come to the conclusion there there are many different definitions and thoughts to what a "local product" is or should be. We recently published our own opinion on our webpage titled Local Product Information. Here is a summary of our findings and thoughts:


The term Local Products is defined as "Goods or services seen only suitable in one single market." This definition can be confusing to many. At Pieces of There, we believe that a local product is simply any product that makes you miss home a little less when you are far away.


The local products in our care packages are 1 of these 3 types:

  1. Products made in the care package's location - Goose Island root beer in our Chicago care packages and Tabasco Pepper Sauce in our New Orleans care package.
  2. Products special to a specific location but made somewhere else - Nikki's Meyer Lemon cookies made in Wisconsin, but sold and eaten all over Florida, in our Florida care packages.
  3. Products that accompany local products -  Carr's Crackers, not made in Iowa or special to Iowa, found in our Iowa care packages as an accompany to the included Iowa meat and cheese.


Please do not ever hesitate to contact us if you ever have any questions, concerns or comments about the products in our care packages.

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