About us

PiecesofThere™ was a curated online marketplace for local products. More than likely you currently don't live in the same city you grew up in, or you went to school in a different state as your own. Or perhaps you were on 'tour of duty' overseas as a member of the armed forces. Either way there is a good chance that you know what it's like to be far away from home for an extended piece of time. It is always the little things that make you nostalgic and these are the products that we are busy trying to get to you or a loved one.

We recently closed up shop and are pleased to endorse Healthy College Snacks as an alternative store for your gift and care package needs. You can shop there by clicking here.

  • Our Values:  Quality products, reliable deliveries, and Zappos level customer service. 
  • Our Mission: To help anyone who has ever moved or traveled have pieces of their favorite place while far away.

(One of our favorite places - Nantucket Island)


Feel Closer to Home while Far Away.