Answers to Common Questions:

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When will my order deliver?
Orders are shipped regular ground delivery and typically take 2-7 days to deliver depending on the delivery location. Orders are shipped from the state of the local products origin, and therefore approximate delivery dates can be determined by viewing the UPS delivery times map here

Can my order ship overnight?
Sorry, we do not ship overnight at this time. We hope to in the future!

Can you deliver to a PO Box?
We need you to include an actual building and street address on the "Address #2" line of the check out cart. We can't delivery to actual PO Boxes because care package don't fit inside of them :)

Can we ship to the military?
Yes! Go to this webpage to see which packages can be shipped to the military: Choose your gift, and go through the check out like normal. When entering the shipping address you'll see where to add military specific address details.

Can you send one of packages to an address outside of the USA (International)? We are working on getting international shipping set up for PiecesofThere. If you have a specific gift package in mind please contact to see if we would be abel to ship it to international delivery address.

How do I place a bulk order? Most of our product on PiecesofThere have a volume limit of how many you can buy at a time. If you are trying to place a large order and can't on our site, please contact directly and we'll take your order directly. It's easy and fast!

Are these products nut free, gluten free, soy free, vegan, or vegetarian?
All packages that are 100% nut free, gluten free, soy free, vegan, or vegetarian will be labeled on the product page in the product description. If you have a strong allergy, we recommend that you do research and read the labels of every item before putting anything on or in your body.